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About US

To train a child with integrity and heart,
That from the teachings, he will not depart.

hand.pngINKPOT EDUCATION, established in 2009, found a niche in teaching international students from PRC as well as ASEAN countries. Here, each student is first regarded as a beloved child, then a precious individual with different learning abilities. As such, each child’s strength and weakness is addressed so that he is stretched to his best potential.

We strongly believe that the educational journey must be delivered with integrity and heart so that the fundamentals do not get swept away by the hype. During the learning experience, INKPOT EDUCATION never forgets the heart of education, that is to stoke the child’s interest in English and help him acquire the necessary linguistic skills that are lifelong assets.



INKPOT EDUCATION创建于2009年,公司主打国际学生英文辅导这个小众市场。重点培育来自中国内地以及亚细亚国家的学生。在这里,留学生不仅仅能够得到最细微的照顾,而且公司针对不同个体特殊的想法和接受知识能力,做到因材施教。因此,我们能够认准每个人的长短处,并让我们的学生发挥出自己最高的潜能。

我们深信,教育要从基础出发,让学生发自内心地汲取知识,才不会丧失教育的本质,使应试教育破坏学生的学习兴趣。INKPOT EDUCATION多年来的办学经验正是围绕着学生兴趣为中心,致力于将运用外语的能力培养成一项终身受用的技能。