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Founder of Inkpot Education

Emily-IMG_1186r.jpgThe founder, Emily Hoo Hwee Ping is effectively bilingual and has a vast teaching experience of 18 years, out of which were 13 specialised years of tutoring international students. Since 2001, she has taught a total number of 13 batches and over the years, close to 300 scholars.

Her teaching journey:-

2001: she was the first tutor engaged by Temasek Secondary School to teach the pioneer batch of PRC scholars and has been the sole tutor to teach the PRC scholars till date. 
In 2005, she began teaching the PRC scholars from Anglican High.  
In 2006, she took over teaching the Aseans and school-based scholars. 
In 2006, she also took over the 300 hours of English Bridging Course for Temasek’s PRC scholars and has been doing so for the past 6 years.

She is also a published author:
WRITE, by Pearson (under All About English series, PUBLISHED in April 2011) Secondary One History both by Systems Publishing Primary 4 Creative Writing

- Exposition writing (upcoming - 2014)

She was also the speaker for “Too Tuff To Puff” (ESN Asia, in conjunction with National Health Board) in Primary schools to give presentation. 




  • 2001:新加坡淡马锡中学首任中国奖学金留学生英文辅导老师。至今仍为淡马锡中学唯一的英文补习教师。
  • 2005年至今:新加坡圣公会中学奖学金留学生英文辅导老师。
  • 2006年:接任成为亚细亚奖学金留学生英文辅导老师。
  • 2006年至今:执教新加坡淡马锡中学中国奖学金留学生英文预科班(300课时)。


出版社:Pearson (2011年4月)
《Secondary One History》
出版社:Systems Publishing
《Primary 4 Creative Writing》
出版社:Systems Publishing

- 《Exposition writing》将于2014年出版

许老师也曾受邀在ESN Asia和新加坡卫生委员会联合举办的“Too Tuff To Puff”上为小学生作演讲。