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English Workshops for Schools

A) Comprehension workshops (for all secondary levels): 



Working towards A deeper understanding and appreciation for the nuances of Writing
Client: Anglican High (View Photos/ Video)  

Course Deliverables

  1. Identify collocations and word associations in given texts.
  2. Learn that connoted words carry meanings beyond the superficial or literal meanings; that, in certain contexts, these words and phrases have significant emotional implications and associations, consequently impacting readers.
  3. Understand the authors’ purpose behind the choice of words E.G EMOTIVE WORDS and to appreciate these nuances of words and meanings in the rich texts.
  4. Understand how language devices work and how such literary techniques achieve their impact on the reader in comprehension passages and visual texts.
  5. Pick out the lexical, grammatical and situational contextual clues and learn to infer responses from them, e.g the author’s tone, feelings etc.
  6. Master techniques for ‘answer in your own words’ question types by zeroing in on key words and providing suitable synonyms or appropriate phrases. 

B) Composition Skills

Secondary One

Bridging the gap between primary six and secondary writing and ensuring smooth transition to demands of story-telling in secondary school
- recounts and story telling workshops
- structured writing programmes to ensure scaffolding of skills

Secondary Two

Theme: How to tell a story well?
- fine-tune the points of story telling 

Secondary Three

- recognise and focus on the fundamentals of expositions, discussives and argumentatives.
- tackle the different demands of the genres, 
- strength the essary structure 
- develop strategies on producing a competent piece of writing.
- ensure there is a general clarity of expressions by emphasising on thematic vocabulary building. 

Secondary Four

- enhance the writing skills of the above genres to produce a cohesive and coherent piece
- hone the skills and strategies for explanations and persuasions
- address appropriate register and tone of essay 
- refine the skills of writing sound arguments. 
- establish the voice of the writer

C) Oral Examinations Workshop


To teach students to read more effectively and expressively in areas of pronunciation, articulation, rhythm and fluency to achieve better verbal communication.