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Intensive English Course for Potential Scholars

INKPOT EDUCATION runs intensive programmes to train would-be scholars aspiring to attain the overseas scholarship programme offered by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SINGAPORE. 

A) Pre-Selection 

Course description:-
For would-be scholars who wish to try out the placement test.
- 2 weeks of intensive training to boost the writing abilities. 
- how to handle interview 
- writing framework 
- vocabulary building 
- careful error analysis 

B) Post-Selection 

Course description:-
 2 weeks intensive training for Selected scholars who have been offered a place in  
 Singapore and intend to take up the scholarship. 
- understanding the top 10 rules for learning English in Singapore. 
- the Demands of the Singapore examination system: do's and don'ts
- themed vocabulary building 
- simulated examination papers for practices. 


a) 考试前:


- 高强度英文写作提高班
- 作文构思与文章结构培训
- 扩充词汇量
- 学生语言误区分析与总结

b) 考试后:


- 新加坡学英语的十项基本技巧
- 新加坡考试系统:“该做的和不该做的”
- 提高词汇量:主题式记忆法
- 新加坡学校考试例题训练