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Summer English Camp

SummerEnglishCamp.pngFor overseas students who are keen to learn English in Singapore during the holidays! 

Open to all age groups, this is a fun way to acquire English language as you explore Singapore!

The course will invariably encourage them to use English on a regular basis and motivate them to improve their fluency and accuracy. 

A fun way to learn English!

  • Fun-based activities to learn vocabulary
  • Learning journeys (see video)
  • Theme-based learning approaches to expand their vocabulary to include more specialised English related to their own areas of interest. 


By the end of the camp, participants should be able to:-

  • express relatively competently in everyday situations in straightforward spoken and written language.
  • understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevant environment and matters in areas that are of immediate interest to them, depending on the theme of the camp.
  • deal with situations likely to arise where the English Language is spoken and be able to describe these experiences and events, and account for their feelings.
  • able to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes communication with native speakers somewhat possible and effective.




  • 以游戏记忆法来掌握英语单词,扩充词汇量
  • 创意探险体验(视频演示)
  • 主题式课程,让学生根据自己的兴趣来探索外语世界。英文词汇根据学生爱好量身订做,学生更能体会“玩中学”


  • 使学员在日常生活中能够自信地运用通俗英语。
  • 自如地用英语表达周边环境所见所闻,以及学生感兴趣的事件。
  • 情景练习:让学生体验现实生活中可能经历的英语对话。让他们形容并总结经验。
  • 使学员能够自如有效地与外国人交流。