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Student's Testimonial

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Tanjong Katong Girls' School
I found this course interesting ands useful. It was fun attending Mrs Hoo’s lessons after a long day of lesson in school. She has tried her very best to share whatever information she has with us. For me, I think I have learnt a lot from Mrs Hoo these 2 years. I benefited from all the composition , comprehension skills she had taught us. I love the fun stories she shared with us as well. Mrs Hoo is a great tutor and I enjoy her tuition. Thank you, Mrs Hoo! My heart is with you, too!

I found the course interesting, especially with your funny analogy. You taught us a lot of interesting skills of writing. It is very useful although maybe we did not perform well. I think it is because we never really revise well. These 2 years, we have crammed so many new words into our brains but I think it is worth it!! You are a good writer! Thank you very much!  -- TT

I do think this is a useful course. In 2 year’s time, we have come across the different types of skills, nuances of language, precise usage of words and so on. The teacher is enthusiastic, responsible, caring and patient. She lets me realize the beauty of English. She aroused my interest and passion to this subject. She gave us continuous support when we were depressed by the grades. – L L

Anglican High/Temasek Secondary:
Being in Mrs Hoo’s lesson is like exploring in Wonderland. (They are) very useful and focused teaching with interesting anecdotes that kill our sleepiness all in a sudden. We are exposed to light-hearted language and style and we remember fast. We no longer force ourselves into the tedious study but find ourselves keen to learn. She is a really exceptionally good teacher that can combine learning and pleasure. – Y T   

First of all, I shall say that Mrs Hoo is a good PERSON. Being a student for 11 years, I have met many teachers but none of them gave me the similar impression of Mrs Hoo. She has exhibited her shining and cheerful personality as a woman – she loves her (family) so deeply that even us can feel the sense of love while she tells us the interesting anecdotes.
The next point is, admittedly, a good teacher. She can find out our weakness in grammar, language etc and carry out the practical solution. 

It has been a fantastic learning journey with Mrs Hoo. 

Mrs Hoo always gives us help when we are trapped in disturbing questions. During this year, my vocab has improved significantly, along with so many other skills. Honestly, she is a very good and responsible teacher. We can always get back our extra work handed to her within a week and the work was always well marked with lots of explanation. I am very grateful for her and I wish her the best in the future. – J H

Mrs Hoo always conducts her lesson with focus and they are full of interesting anecdotes. Not only laughter can be heard in the class, I have also improved tremendously in my writing. I realized the writing style that I should adopt. Moreover, I gained insight into what a good expository writing consists of, i.e. the approach and the focus.   

Mrs Hoo is a funny, interesting and nice teacher. She is the best English teacher I have met in Singapore. She makes the lessons amusing and changes my impression of English from blasé to appealing. Now, I enjoy using English. The lessons she taught us are extremely useful. Skills taught can be widely used in my essays. That is why I have improved a lot. Lessons are also full of interesting anecdotes which make me awake. Her lessons are effective. She is quite a good teacher. I love her. Wish her enjoy her teaching career.      



这个预科班对我来说真有趣,特别是许老师常用的那些搞笑的例子。你教会了我们很多有趣的写作技巧。虽然我们没有取得很优异的成绩,但是这些技巧至今仍然受用,而且我们一直认为没有考好是因为我们复习得不够充分。这两年来,我们将成千上万的英语单词填进脑里。我认为这一切都是值得的。你真的是位优秀的作家。非常感激你。  -- TT

我确信老师的补习班既实用又有趣。在两年的时间里,我们学到了各种各样的写作技巧,语言精华,还有运用语言的技巧等等等等。这位老师充满激情、耐性,富有责任感和一颗真诚的心。她让我们见识到原来英文可以是这样华丽的。她激起我们对这门科目的热忱和兴趣。最重要的是,在我们因为成绩而心情低迷时,总能得到许老师的安慰和鼓舞。 – L L   

许老师可以将她的课演绎得像游乐园般奇妙有趣。她所讲的东西非常实用,她所运用的趣味横生的例子让你瞬间睡意全无。这种轻松的学习环境很好的帮助我们的记忆。我们不再像以前一样厌倦学习,反而对英语这门课有了一种激情。她真的是位难得的好老师。 – Y T   



老师总是耐心地为我们解答难题。在这一年里,我的词汇量有着惊人的进展。说句实话,她真的是名负责任的好老师。在课余时间里,她仍愿意帮助我们,不但如此,你的作文还总能有老师满满的评论和解释。我真心感激老师并祝福她有美好的未来 – J H

抓中要点、生动有趣的例子是Mrs Hoo课程的两大亮点。她的课,总是欢乐的。快乐之余我也学到了很多很多。写作、语法、单词各方各面能力都能得到惊人的提高。我也发掘了适合我的写作方法方式。最要紧的是,我抓住了议论文的两个要点:议论手法和主题。

Mrs Hoo是个幽默有趣的好老师。她是我在新加坡见过最好的英文老师。她让课堂变得生动,让我对英语这门课完全改观。现在,我爱上English。她所教授的知识非常受用。使我在写作过程中能够很好地运用语言技巧。这也是为什么我的成绩能提高得这么快。上她的课我一点都不疲倦,而且每天期待的就是她那些有趣的例子。生动有效,这促使她成为一名好老师。我爱她并衷心祝愿她能够继续享受她的教学生涯。