When I arrived in Singapore on my scholarship and took my first diagnostic test at school, I failed my composition section by a mark. I became afraid of the GCE English syllabus like the proverbial blind man who is afraid of the dark.
I am not exaggerating when I say Mrs Hoo has helped to assuage that fear, slowly but steadily building up my confidence. Cognizant of my zeal for English, she helped me adapt to this relatively alien syllabus. She was patient with my mistakes and offered words of encouragement, both of which forged a powerful unison and helped me improve.
Within a year, I had attained the Top Rank in the entire cohort for English Language, and if I said Mrs Hoo did not have a part to play in it, I would be lying.
Informative, all-round and an awful lot of fun. That is how I would condense my experiences in Mrs Hoo's lessons into simple words. A proud student of hers for nearly two years now, it is safe to say that she has been one of the best English teachers I have had the privilege to study under. Having a pre-existent predilection for English and the art of writing, I found Mrs Hoo a huge aberration from the average-Joe teacher; she is something of a cynosure, drawing the attention of every single student with her unique way of teaching. If there could be a fun way of imparting knowledge, Mrs Hoo would be a harbinger in doing so. There is no chance of any student leaving her class with a feeling of ennui - such is her fabulous timing with humour! Moreover, she builds a very personal bond with all her students and at the end of the day, the teacher-student relationship is boiled down to a friendly exchange of ideas. She regularly teaches us many life lessons, which just happen to be integrated in her lessons and discussions, providing us with some sound knowledge in both life and the literary arts. It does not take a genius to see that Mrs Hoo puts her heart into what she does for her students and she always provides us with the most frank and yet constuctive feedback. She is neither reluctant to shower appreciation and nor is she afraid to voice out her criticisms in a way which only makes us want to improve further.
If I had to say it like Master Yoda would, "Truly the great one, she is." :)
Priya Ramesh