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Mrs Hoo is truly an amazing teacher. She explains and elaborates crystal clear in her own unique style. She has the ability to simplify anything – yes, anything – which makes her a wonderful teacher. Her speech itself embodies the beauty of English language. Having taught by her for almost two years, I dare to say that I understand all her teachings. Her ways of teaching are unparalleled. I believe that every person can easily make sense of what she says. Her 13 years of experience in teaching English has awarded her the sagacity in English. She always gives constructive feedbacks on my works and also helps me to identify my strengths and weaknesses through personal consultations. Mrs Hoo knows her students well individually. She exemplifies the Inkpot Education tagline – to train a child with integrity and heart, that from the teachings, he will not depart – by dedicating herself as an educator and believing that teaching should be done from the heart. 

From Eko Edita Limanta