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Mrs Hoo is one of the best English tutors that I have ever met in life. Because of her coaching, I learned to understand, to speak, to write well in English, for the first time in my life.

Back then when I first joined my Singaporean classmates for lessons, I did not understand a single full sentence at all. Though I could not recall my highest score for English tests at that time, I clearly remembered it was still a failing one. I was so depressed and about to give up. However, Mrs Hoo told me, “To master a new language is definitely not easy, but please be patient, I will bring you there.” Her words helped me to regain my confidence, and her engaging lessons made me feel enthusiastic to learn English again.  Mrs Hoo is so knowledgeable and has her own way to inspire every student. Mastering English was no longer a difficult task under her professional coaching and guidance. Scoring a distinction for English in GCE A’level was my greatest achievement in Singapore, which I knew without Mrs Hoo’s help in building up a good foundation for English, it could not have been possible.

Trust Mrs Hoo, and discover her unique way of coaching by your own. She will definitely bring you there!

From Wang Yongru, current NTU student majoring in Accountancy and Business.

Mrs Hoo是我一生中遇到最好的英语老师。 在她的帮助下, 我第一次开始真正理解英语, 说英语和写英语。

还记得那时候第一次在新加坡上课,我就像鸭子听雷一样,什么都听不懂。虽然我已经记不清那时候英语考试最高分拿多少,但是我清楚地记得那仍然是一个不及格的分数。我好沮丧好失落。就在我准备放弃的时候,Mr Hoo 跟我说:“要学好一门新的语言肯定是不容易的,但是你要有耐心,我会帮助你的,学好英文一定没问题的!”她的几句话让我重新拾回信心,她那充满激情和欢乐的课更是让我重新燃起学英语的热情。 Mr Hoo真的是一个博学多才的好老师,她有着她独特的教学方法,让每个学生都喜欢上她的课,也喜欢上英语。在她专业的辅助和引导下,学好英语绝对不成问题!我在新加坡的高考中英文能拿A,归根到底也是多亏了Mrs Hoo帮我打好了英文基础,才让我有这么大的成就。

相信Mrs Hoo,参加她的补习班去体验她那独一无二的因材施教, 她一定能帮助你,让你的英文水平得到意想不到的提高!