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Li Shu

Mrs Hoo is my English tutor in the first two years of my life in Singapore. My first few months in Singapore can be said to be the most difficult period for me so far, because communicating with my local friends (at first, with Mrs Hoo, too) used to be a great challenge. I still remember the common scenario where after multiple failed attempts in English, I had to resort to speak mandarin instead. It is definitely something that I do not ever want to experience again. Well, fortunately Mrs Hoo changed it, once and for all.

Mrs Hoo first came to me as the teacher of this special English programme for scholars. We used to meet at least two times a week to improve our English standards. Different from the school teachers, Mrs Hoo had her own set of worksheets and various tests for us scholars. They covered many aspects of what was needed to speak and score well, including things like categorised vocabulary lists for composition, practices for comprehension and tips for oral exams and so on. They pulled up my miserable English grade (no exaggeration, I sincerely hope that you all can score higher than me) gradually to a firm B. I scored B3 during my O Levels, which was indeed a huge leap from where I used to be.

Through the course with Mrs Hoo, she became much more than just an English teacher. She would give us life-tips to cope with this new environment, general knowledge about Singapore and the important study timelines that we needed to bear in mind. At the same time, she had been a very interesting person to cheer up the class, too! I can still remember many good jokes from Mrs Hoo-The Great One-even now. I am indeed grateful for meeting Mrs Hoo, both in terms of academics and living a fruitful life.

In a nutshell, I had a great time with Mrs Hoo and benefitted much from her lessons during my time. Hope you would find her lessons just as good as I do. All the bests! 

From Li Shu, ex-Anglican High student and currently studying in Temasek Junior College, JC2

在我来新加坡的头两年,Mrs Hoo都是我的英文补习老师。当时可以说作是我最困难的一段时间,因为和本地同学简单的日常交流都是很大的挑战。我还记得刚来的时候,每每都是在多次尝试着讲英文但没人听懂后,极其不情愿地用中文再重复一遍。不过幸运的是,Mrs Hoo改变了着一切。

她那时是负责我们届奖学金生一个特别的英文补习的老师。每周两次,她会来帮助我们提高英文的读写水平。和大多数其他老师不同的是,Mrs Hoo有一份自己专为中国奖学金生设计的教材。这份教材主要是为提高我们上课听讲和课下交流的能力,也是提高在学校的英文成绩,所以涵盖了写作,阅读和口语考试的内容。要不是没有这个英文课程,我的成绩也不会渐渐提升到B。在我的A Level的时候,我的英文拿到了B3的成绩。这是我之前都不敢想象的。

对我们来说Mrs Hoo不止是一位英文老师,她会时常给我们在这边新环境里的建议,新加坡的许多知识,还有在学习生活中需要注意的时间安排。同时,她也能够用非常有趣的方式来让大家振奋起来,从而在课堂上收获最多。我现在还可以记得许多当时她给我们讲的事情。我真的为能够遇见Mrs Hoo而感到幸运。她所帮助我的远远超出课业成绩的提高。

总而言之,我从Mrs Hoo的课程里面受益匪浅,也渡过了许多愉快的时光。希望学弟学妹们也能像我一样吧,一切加油!