Mrs Hoo is a great woman, a maestro of language and a teacher that every student dreams of having. Being an educator for almost 13 years, she knows and masters the magic of making learning intriguing and engaging. Her explanation is always clear and easy to understand. Learning tasks are always designed carefully to tackle crucial aspects and skills. Praise as well as constructive feedbacks are always given highlighting the weakness and strength of every individual. Moreover, unlike many teachers, Mrs Hoo never believes in the lesson being a chalk and talk. She encourages students to try new techniques and to be creative. Learning English thus becomes such a pleasant experience rather than an arid and laborious task as many of us would imagine. During her lesson, assignments and interactive activities have definitely enriched my vocabulary and improved my understanding of the nuances of language as well as the art of writing. Being taught by her for almost two years, English has no longer been a tool that I desired to master but it has become a part of me, of my heart and soul.

From Lai Hoang Son